Whole Body Health: My Philosophy

Nourish Me WHOLE: Everything is Connected

Wash out: Calm the immune system and reset the gut opening up energy centers for healing on ALL levels
Listen: Learn your body’s language. Learn what YOUR symptoms are telling you. Get quiet and tap in.
Nourish: Fuel with Simple WHOLE foods for YOU only.
Move: Move that body, Move that energy, open yourself up fully.

Simplicity.Cleaning out your body, your gut, your energetic cetners by calming the immune system creates space for listneing, nourhsihing and optimal healing on every level. Transform your wellbeing on all levels; nourishing your body from inside your cells so it radiates out. Clear mental and energetic blockages that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. Once the body is clear of inflammation and foods that make you feel foggy, achy and down right tired, this is where REAL, sustainable changes occur. That’s some powerful stuff!

A lot of the cloudy feeling, overwhelmed about what to eat comes from a slight fear of feeling bad or gaining weight or who knows that else food may trigger for you, it’s never just food, there is ALWAYS something deeper and unless you address that, you will stay where you are at, gain that weight back and continue to live your life behind the scenes. I want to help you make peace with food, to understand your body’s language when it sends messages of pain or discomfort. Switching your perspective on how you communicate and nourish your body will shift so much more than you think when it comes to your health and your life.

Optimize the way your healthy by shifting the way you think about food, your relationship with your own beautiful body and start living a life LOVE.

I know what it feels like to be out of balance and like you’re missing the lightness and pep in your step; if I can manifest, healing and  healthy life AND still have fun a let lose, I know you can too. Plus, I did a lot of the hard work over the years no doctors to help me, I’ve studied and experienced so much of what I wish to help you with, so I’ve figuring out tips and tricks so you don’t have to, so you can focus on what makes you feel good, alive and vibrant.

NOURISH Me WHOLE  encompasses far more than just whole foods and paying attention to what goes into our body and how they affects us,  it’s also about taking care of ourselves, our WHOLE BODY, YOUR MIND AND YOUR SOUL on all levels and doing so with some oomph AND EASE!

Let me show you:

  1. MOVEMENT | Engage in mind-body awareness through movement, music and other forms of your favorite activities, This moves stuck energy and creates space. 
  2. CELL FOOD | Nourish your body on a cellular level with whole foods- simple, whole foods. Don’t be afraid to create your own, venture and try NEW foods- you never know what you may like! Be open to change! 
  3. BEING-NESS | Being Present, Practicing awareness in every moment, always searching for the -NESS in every moment. It’s SO freeing NOT to be attached to what happened yesterday. You’d be surprised how much for feel it physically…
  4. STRESS | Managing stress in a health and effective way…cause ain’t nobody got time for that!
  5. SOUL | SOUL Nourishment, what turns you on and makes you feel alive? Whatever it is, THAT is soul nourishment.  
  6. SUPPORT | Surrounding yourself with strong and supportive people, 
  7. SLEEP | Sleeping optimal hours most nights.
  8. LET THAT SHIT GO! | Limit negative thought patterns and embrace your inner awesomeness, happiness, and positivity by letting go and kicking out things that don’t serve you.

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