This year I’ve been learning to play the mandolin. I’ve never played a string instrument before, however I played the piano for a number of years, as a child, so I figured it would be pretty easy. I thought yeah, I’ll just take a couple lessons and I’ll be rockin’ in no time…Wrong. I was wrong.

Not only was I a little rusty with my piano skills, playing a string instrument is TOTALLY different from playing the piano. Of course there is music theory, which is pretty standard, just a little refresher for you…. Music theory is described as the fundamental elements of music such as pitch, rhythm, harmony, and form, but also refers to descriptions, concepts, or beliefs related to music. So, I had the basic knowledge up in my head somewhere, I just needed someone to help me access it. And help with lots of other things as well.

So, as I sat down to practice after my first lesson, second lesson, third lesson, I thought to myself, man, I am so glad I didn’t try and learn all of this stuff on my own, I would be completely lost and probably playing everything wrong, not to mention the frustration that comes along with learning to play something on your own after, ohhhh 15 years of not reading music, and starting on a whole other instrument at that. I am so glad I accepted the fact that I had no f*ing clue what I was working with and I really wanted to learn how to play. So, here we are… a little over a month into my lessons and I’ve already got basic chords, I can jam with my friends and I am STILL taking lessons. I love it, I want to learn how to do this the right way, the first time.

So, it got me thinking…. We tend to do the same thing with nutrition and food. Just because we “can” do it on our own, we have the Internet, friends, and magazines; surely something will work for us the more we dig. I can’t tell you how many people I have worked with that start off our first session with, “well, I eat fairly healthy…” then come to find out, they were doing it wrong and as soon as they allowed me to step in and guide them with sound nutrition and WHY it works with the guidance I was giving them, HUGE changes happened, fast. After about 4 sessions together I often hear, “ damn, and I tried to do this alone, why is there so much MIS information on the internet?” My answer, well, everyone thinks they know nutrition, because it’s food, we think we know what to do with it. But remember the mandolin story I just told you above…. If you accept that you need help in this department, things go much faster, and guess what, you may even stop counting calories… yep I said it. STOP counting calories.


My whole approach to creating and keeping in motion a healthy lifestyle is to be present, be aware of how your body communicates with you and you won’t have to look up and go on another “diet” in your life. Here is what happens when we diet….

 Diet–> Body Disconnect–> Body Shame –> Negative Self talk–> Self Loathing -> Over eating –> Weight gain –> Diet

Catch my drift?? When you “diet” you become completely disconnected with your body. You end up fighting your body instead of trying to understand the messages its sending you. Yes, messages meaning IBS, weight gain, diarrhea, headaches, joint pain, sleepless nights, bad mood, chronic sinus infections, heart burn, I could go on. These are all messages in which our body is trying to let us know that something is wrong, something needs your attention. Don’t get me wrong before I say this, we need medical doctors, but they get a maximum of 2 hours of nutrition, 2 hours people. I’ve had 6 years, plus continuing education. So, instead of running to the doc to get a band aid for your GERD or IBS, how about looking at what you are putting into your body and how often you are putting fuel into your body. This is exactly what the Lifestyle Reset Program will help you do, figure out what those messages are and go a little deeper as to what foods are attached to those messages. It’s about communication between your mind and your body. If you ignore the body, the mind will overtake and create more issues, and vise versa.

Other insights that you will gain from this program are: a calorie doesn’t equal a calorie, so not all calories are created equal, the secret to weight loss is to increase your fat intake, everyone is walking around with food sensitivities and more than likely leaky gut; how this can effect your long term health and speed up the aging process if you aren’t aware of it, and so much more! I will tell you this, I am an over giver, so there will more than likely be more to this program than what is planned, [that definitely happened the first time I launched this program and now it’s twice as long, so there is twice as much to give!]

If you have been struggling with weight gain, are dreading putting on a bathing suite because you feel 6 months pregnant and you are not, if you are tired of dieting and finally want to set yourself free of calorie counting, if you are f*ing tired of doctors not being able to help you, THIS is for you.

If you are not familiar with my story, you can read it here, but I’ll give you a brief summary. I had digestive issues since I was 15, I was diagnosed with IBS, put on 3 different pills to make me poop, I created a gnarly eating disorder that put me at 90lbs and my career as a dancer at stake, I gained 45 pounds, struggled with body image all over the damn place, was diagnosed with celiac disease which gave me some hope that I could finally drop weight and figure myself out, ONTOP of all of that, I was diagnosed with multiple food sensitivities and leaky gut… so to say that I hated my body and wanted to give up on life is an understatement. When you have to put on pink tights when your bloated, your hungry, and 45 pounds heavier that you were 3 months ago, life sucks. So, I understand and I want to help you feel better!

What does my life look like now? I dropped the weight without really trying, I had the MRT test done [which I know am certified and use this test] and started a whole new way of eating. Eating foods my body loved, I haven’t counted a calorie, gone on a diet, or worried about my weight since. I can honestly say that I eat when I am hungry, I eat what I want, I listen to my gut, I listen to what my body is trying to tell me and I did this alllllll on my own. This is why I don’t want you to- it took me 6 years to get here. One day I will share photos of when I was at my heaviest and at my lowest, but today is about you!



So, give yourself permission to give yourself the gift of investing in your health and never have to look at another “diet” plan again. Trust your body. Love your body. Live your life! Early bird pricing is only happening for a little bit longer, prices DOUBLE in a few weeks!


By the way, I am now shredding on the mandolin [hardly J]- I already popped a string, I was jamming that much, [no I wasn’t I was playing slowly, haha] … I’m so glad I have a mentor, someone to look to, to guide me in the right direction so I can really learn to shred the mandolin… My point is, with the help of a skilled professional in the field you are wanting to gain vast knowledge on, the best option is always to have someone with knowledge skill and a sense of humor to help you grow. [or shrink in the case of weight loss]

I hope to have the opportunity to guide you on your way to a more upbeat you!




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