Who would have thought!
So here is a recipe that I came across yesterday in my search for a high antioxidant beverage other than green tea and here is what I have found.
Hibiscus tea contains higher levels of antioxidants than green tea, wine and coffee. These flavonoids help our bodies fight harmful molecules such as free radicals which cause cell damage which have been linked to increase the risk of cancer. Keeping these free radicals under control will keep our bodies happy and healthy. So here is the recipe that I have found… You make this tea in the evening,pop in the refrigerator, then take the tea bags out in the morning, pour into a cup or water bottle and your good to go for the day. This makes 8 cups, which is the minimum amount of H20 you should have per day anyway so it works out!
Hibiscus Tea
8 cups of H20
4 bags of your favorite Hibiscus tea ( Wildberry Zinger is good)
1 juice of a lemon
1-3 tbsp of Erythritol (optional) –> its just a sugar alcohol, if you would like to use a little bit of sugar/honey that is okay too, or going without is a good option as well.
1. No need to heat this up, mix all ingredients together.
2. Pop in the fridge over night
3. Remove tea bags in the morning
4. Ready to drink for the day!

** This is gluten free, soy free, dairy free**

Happy Drinking!

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