1. They are more common than you think.

Even though you may not “feel” sick, think about this, are there days when you randomly have terrible headaches, days when you can’t get out of bed, days when you can’t sleep through the night to save your life? Guess what, you could have some food sensitivities. Your gut is the gateway from the outside world to the inside world, if you gut is not healthy, guess what, neither is the rest of the inside of your body. More than likely, you just feel a general feeling of tired all the time, this is because the “dose” of foods that your body doesn’t like is at it’s highest and keeps going, thus creating symptoms that become more frequent as time goes on.

  1. They could be the culprit of your chronic headaches, sinus infections and weight gain.

As I said above, general ailments are often over looked and written off as, oh well I’ve been really stressed out or I always get these, I’ve had them since I was a child…. I’m here to tell you that these symptoms among many others like IBS, are NOT normal and you don’t have to live with them. Those are messages from your body telling you that you need to pay a little more attention to what you are putting in your mouth and how that’s actually making you feel. Get real.

  1. You can have a sensitivity to something that you eat all the time, even if you “don’t feel bad” .

More often than not, there are multiple foods at one time that are working together to create a, excuse my French, shit storm of feeling lousy. This is due to your body being so inflamed that literally everything that you put in your mouth your immune system could have a problem with. This isn’t to say that it is going to be like this forever, the cool thing is that if you reach out to someone who works with these often, like me J , We can actually get your body to press it’s reset button. It takes TIME, it is not instant gratification, but, if you are ready to feel better, this is your ticket!

  1. If you find out you have food sensitivities, simple avoidance is not going to “cure” them.

I often get asked, can I just take that test you offer… I use the MRT, Mediator Release Test, which is amazing by the way, but often people get their panties in a bind when I tell them no, not without ATLEAST 4 sessions with me. It’s like knowing what you need to do to live forever but you choose to just keep going with what your doing because hey, you don’t reallllly want to do the work. It’s like buying a cheap vacuum expecting it to suck up years of carpet junk only to have it break right after you use it once. There is a method that needs to be followed to ensure complete resolution of your symptoms and to allow the body to press the reset button and that my friends, takes time. 90 days to be exact.

  1. GERD is one of the biggest symptoms I see with food sensitivities.

I’m here to tell you that your GERD symptom, may not be from too much stomach acid, more often than not, I see this in my clients with NO stomach acid, yep, that’s right, NO stomach acid on top of multiple food sensitivities. Yet that Nexium, Prevacid, or Prilosec that you have been taking for 15 years helps…. Actually it’s doing way more harm than good and more than likely that’s why you probably have food sensitivities. Those drugs are no joke my friends….

  1. Food sensitivities can play a huge role in infertility.

Food sensitivities cause inflammation. We all know that inflammation can have an effect on SO many processes in the body, especially when you are trying to make a baby. Some people take making babies for granted, but really it’s super hard for some couples to create a beautiful baby. If this is you, or a friend, nutrition is not the last thing you should look at, it’s actually one of the first things to fix, because that’s the ONLY thing that you have to put into your mouth everyday to live. Chronic inflammation can causes not only the immune system to function in over time, but also causes multiple processes to go into over drive, therefore, your body is constantly fighting things, of course, it’s not going to have time to create the perfect environment to have a baby, EVEN if you are doing IVF, insemination, in vitro fertilization, you might be the lucky one that it works on, but for most people when they ignore what their body is telling them by not allowing them to get pregnant, they force it without figuring out what their nutrition and how they feed themselves has to do with it being so hard to conceive.

  1. Food sensitivities come in many forms…. Chemicals, foods, naturally occurring chemicals in foods.

If you have tried an elimination diet to help your IBS, Migraines, any other ailments, high five my friend…. You probably pulled all of your hair out when you eliminated all of the big allergens such as dairy, wheat, soy, etc. for 3 weeks and had no change…. Yep. Hear it all the time. There really is no way to figure out if you are reacting to a natural chemical in foods if you don’t study them for a living, hell even when you do that for a living it can be a very daunting process… so not only can a certain food bother your belly, but an entire family of chemicals can be causing this pain and there really isn’t a better way to tell but through a blood test.

  1. Food Sensitivities cause you immune system to constantly work, thus creating a chronic level of inflammation in your body 24/7.

I mentioned this one in #6 just a little bit, but this is why some people get sick all the time, chronic sinus infections, IBS, chronic yeast infections, runny nose all the time, ear infection after ear infection. Your body has nothing left to give, it’s like hiking up a mountain and then being asked to do a 2 hour yoga class…. You don’t have any gas left for that so you just lay on the floor the whole time and let things go. This is what your immune system does, so it lets things through the gut and into the body causing pain, dis- ease, discomfort and a slue of other symptoms. A chronic level of inflammation all the time, if left undetected over a number of years can put you at a high risk for developing a more serious disease like cancer. You may think you are eating healthy… but are the foods that you are eating healthy for YOUR body?


  1. Even foods that are considered “healthy” such as chicken, broccoli, carrots, can cause symptoms.

This is working out nicely, I touched on this a little bit at the end of #8. Healthy Foods are just that, generally healthy, but let’s get a little bit more specific, certain foods that help to give someone energy or fight disease, can cause fatigue and disease in another, regardless of what nutrients that food has to offer. If the food, we’ll use carrots for example, contain loads of vitamin A, Vitamin K, they are packed with anti-oxidants, cancer fighting nutrients and much more, but for me, carrots actually cause more dis-ease than benefits, like headaches, inflammation in my joints, in my intestines, etc. which make it hard for my body to reap the benefits of carrots because it’s creating inflammation and more than likely if I ate them everyday unknowingly, malabsorption would come visit me soon. So, I always say, pay attention to how you feel after you eat certain foods. It’s the only way your body knows to communicate to you that something is wrong, something is creating inflammation. Don’t ignore symptoms and try and put band aids over them, it will catch up with you. There is power in knowing!

  1. Food Sensitivities are often DELAYED and are sometimes dose dependent.

There is a HUGE difference between allergies and sensitivities. To keep it short and sweet, Allergies are felt and show symptoms from the time of ingestion lasting up to 2 hours and it involves a different part of the immune system than a food sensitivity does. A food sensitivity is not going to cause your throat to close up right away, however you may have difficulty swallowing, but nothing that you wouldn’t write off as a sore throat. Food Sensitivities also are DELAYED. So something you ate on Monday, you may not feel until Friday. The timeline for symptoms for a food sensitivity to show up is from right after the meal is eaten up to 10 DAYS. So, sometimes you want to pull all of your hair out when you are trying to figure out what the %$#& is causing you to feel nauseous every time you eat. They are also dose related, for example, I react to tyramine, a naturally occurring compound known as a pressor amine and stimulates the arterial system causing migraine headaches in sensitive people, so for a while before I did some testing on myself, I would have migraines ATLEAST 3 times a week, I kid you not. It was terrible. Like terrible. This was due to the fact that tyramine-containing foods I was eating on a daily basis, so my body built up this dose that would just set my body into an inflammatory state constantly. However, once I figured it out, I avoided foods with tyramine like the plague for about 2 years, now, I can have tyramine containing foods, but I know where to stop before my body goes into migraine mode. This is all due to the fact that I let my body heal and de-sensitize from this naturally occur compound that had me in fits for YEARS!!! So it may not be just a certain food, but also how much of that food are you eating?!


So, is you head spinning yet? Mine was when I first started doing my own research on food sensitivities before I went back to school to become a dietitian. This topic among doctors, and even most dietitians baffles them. It’s pretty tricky, very scientific and if you don’t work with these types of things in a daily basis, and in my case I live with them too, it will confuse the crap out of you. There is a lot that goes into the dietary portion after testing as well, it’s not just simple avoidance as I stated above. Theres a general though floating around out there that if you just cut those things out of your diet then you’ll be fine, and that’s not 100% true, you will be doing yourself, your health and your wallet a disservice. I will say this, getting tested and going through the work to get to the other end of feeling great, living your life fully and having people ask you what “diet” your on can be a bit of a price shock, but it’s not outrageous, because like I said it takes a specialist to be able to help someone through this whole process. You will, in the end, save yourself countless dollars because you won’t have to go to the doctor, you will feel great, you’ll save money on food, and not to mention your sanity and your health in the long run. One of my favorite quotes that I see often and say often, if you think eating healthy and figuring out the perfect way to eat for YOUR body is expensive, have you priced cancer lately?

If you want to take your health into your own hands and learn how to do this with the support of other people who are going through the same thing as you are, I have great news! I just launched my group program, Lifestyle Reset Program, which is an online program WITH the option to do the MRT food sensitivity test at the lowest price you’ll ever see. It is online, so you do this on your own time every week, with 100% guidance, support and coaching from me in our private facebook group. There’s a lot more to it—so check it out here! I would LOVE to work with you!


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