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October 29, 2014

I have more energy, my clothes are fitting better and I have lost weight.

I am a 53-year-old woman going through “the change”. My lifestyle has always included good eating habits, exercise, and plenty of outdoor sports. I have been active all my life and now that “the change” has hit I have become more aware of my body changes inside and out and what I was doing “before” is not working now.

I contacted Colleen to help me make better choices in my “healthy life style”. Colleen advised me to keep a food journal for a few weeks as well as my activities, so I did and presented her with this challenge.

Help me! I feel tired, I have stomach issues, not much interest in exercise, I am going about my daily routines without out much gusto, and generally feeling run down. Why is this I asked her…

Colleen graciously reviewed my journal, recommended I change a few things I was eating, suggested some vitamins to see how that worked, first. Did I feel a little better…I guess, the constant dull headache went away, but now it was time to get into the rest of the reasons why I did not feel 100%.

I took a food sensitivity test and to my surprise a lot of my “healthy eating” go-to foods were high on my sensitivity level. Since I have eliminated my reactive foods from my daily intake and added choices that I can tolerate I feel 100% better.

My bloating feeling is gone, I have more energy, my clothes are fitting better and yes, the bonus is that I have lost weight.

I continue to follow the plan that Colleen has worked on for me, I know I was a big challenge for her, but I appreciate Colleen’s professionalism and passion for a healthy lifestyle and her extensive knowledge in dietetics and nutrition.

I highly recommend her services and Colleen is such a pleasure to work with. I look forward to continuing to working with Colleen. Thank you.