December 12, 2015

She looks at it from a holistic standpoint and a lot of other nutritionists that I’ve worked with don’t do that.

I am a busy, working mom of two. I thought I was eating healthy but still had really inconsistent energy levels as well as a very sensitive GI tract. I went through the MRT and within the second week of the phase plan, I felt completely different. My goals were never to lose weight but that just naturally happens whenever you really focus on the foods that are really good for your body.

I learned a lot about my body, which foods I tolerated well, what gave me a lot of energy and what made my stomach hurt. I had my third child last year and I could just tell the foods that I was used to eating weren’t sitting so well with me anymore.

After speaking with Colleen, she said it is common after pregnancy and other major life changes that people’s bodies can change. We did another MRT and sure enough, she was right! Some of my go to foods had changed. We went back through the phase plan again and, of course, the second time around was as good as the first. It was always a lot easier too. You already know what the rules are, but I noticed I felt better even quicker the second time around.

Colleen is so real and authentic. She practices what she preaches and lives this day to day herself. You can definitely tell that when you’re working with her. People’s diets are very personal to them and she has a way of opening up, really listening and being very personable about whatever questions people have.

I have worked with other dietitians and nutritionists on the professional level. A lot of people still preach the food pyramid or the food plate and Colleen has just a different way of looking at it. Hers is very science based, which I appreciate. She looks at it from a holistic standpoint and a lot of other nutritionists that I’ve worked with don’t do that.

I like to, at times, use myself as a guinea pig.  As an example, I just did the Whole 30 program just to see how my body responds. I’m very active and I take a lot of Pure Barre classes, so for me, food is really a fuel. I just wanted to test and see how I felt after going through the Whole 30. I have to say that the MRT was much better and much more specific to my body than the Whole 30. Although I was eating very healthy foods, I still had a lot of GI problems.

I think we need more people like Colleen in the world. I just think of my children and the next generation. They just announced on the news yesterday that there was a child that is two years old with Type 2 Diabetes. There is such a lack of knowledge and awareness of what people are putting in their bodies. It’s so scary.

Colleen is a leader in this and we need to help others pay attention to what they’re putting in their bodies. Maybe 20 or 30 years down the road, they won’t have to be paying so much for medications.