Symptom Survey – Level 2 Results

Level 2:

81-180 Level 2 → You definitely have some food sensitivities going on, and more than likely will need some help to navigate through this process. It looks like you may need a little support and some concrete answers as to which foods are the culprit of creating such discomfort in your body.

If you already know you want some help figuring this all out, schedule a time to chat with me about it here. I would LOVE for you to have as much support as you need.

I would recommend definitely doing the MRT food Sensitivity test. It looks like you may need a little support and some concrete answers as to which foods are the culprit of creating such discomfort in your body. I have a few options for working with me and using the MRT test as a super valuable tool as we move to uncover what is going on at the root of how you feel.

Sometimes there is more going on underneath all of the chronic low grade inflammation that can often cause constipation, bloating, headaches, fatigue, chronic sinus issues, skin problems etc. Those symptoms can simply be messages of a bigger problem that is screaming to be addressed and noticed. Usually this takes a bit of time and attention to really tap in and see what’s going on and from there, it’s usually very clear after the chronic inflammation caused by certain foods is lifted. Your health starts in your gut, so, if that is not healthy, as I have said before, the rest of your entire system suffers and slowly begins to dis-function and you slowly begin to disconnect from your body and fight it.

This is the start of many years of pain, frustration and possibly robbing you of your quality of life. So if you have been feeling this way for a little bit now, I want to give you something to start to work with to see if you can’t start to peel back some of the food layers. Click here to download the Food Anthropologist EJournal.

You can also get started with this APP, it’s called mySymptoms Food and Symptom Tracker, its for apple and android. Just a little note, please do not use this as a way to judge yourself, please use this as a tool to see into your eating habits and how you are feeling. This is going to help you really pay attention to how your body feels after you eat a meal, this will shed light on all of the different ways you might be feeling after eating certain foods.

To take it a little bit deeper, another tool that I would love for you to use would be my do it yourself course, The Food Anthropologist Journal ECourse filled with actions steps, audio to guide you to get you going. You may not need my one on one help at this point yet, this ecourse will certainly help you shed some light on what is going on and what foods could possibly be making you feel so blah!

This is the first step is paying attention to how foods are affecting the way you are moving through life. Sometimes this can be hard, but keep going, you already know what to do, you already know what is best for yourself, if you have already decided that you want help, awesome!

IF you are still frustrated and just want some serious support to help you work through this, you can check out my private programs here. Every single one of my private programs are custom, no one program is the same as another client. All of the work that I do is to help YOU, to meet YOU where you are, to help YOU.

If you are feeling like you just want answers, let’s chat and have a discovery session and get clear on what you need to do to create better health and a eating habits. When I say eating habits, I literally mean tapping into your intuition and using THAT as a guide to fuel your body. All too often we are so concerned with what the outside world says we “should eat” that we often completely ignore our cravings, food likes and dislikes- which by the way takes the pleasure completely out of eating and you become all OCD about feeding yourself, then you can’t lose weight, etc…. you become so disconnected that it’s hard to get back to being connected and listening and moving from your gut… I can help with that, I WANT you to reconnect with your inner body wisdom.