Nutrition supplements


It took me a long time to find a company that I trusted when it came to nutrition supplements. I find that most of the supplements offered OTC contain ingredients that the body may react to and cause more problems than help. I am happy to share with you links to these two wonderful, clean companies that offer the very best supplements. I have used these for years and really love them.

If you have worked with me on a one-on-one basis, then you have access to order more of your supplements below.

If you have not worked with me one-on-one and would like to take advantage of ordering supplements from these companies, reach out to me.

Note that I only use hypoallergenic medical grade supplements and they are only available through healthcare providers. This way I know exactly what you are taking and what ingredients are in them.


To reorder your supplements click the name of the supplement company and login and order – enter the information and referral code give in your session or via the client newsletter.