As you can probably tell, I feel VERY strongly about ditching your diet plan. Ditching the meal plan. Ditching superfoods…. where did that term come from anyway????

I say all this because I’ve been there, stuck in the diet cycle, fighting against my body more and more each time. I wore myself out reading every single diet plan out there, every single list of 10 foods to eat for this and 8 foods to help with that… Here is a bite to chew on……. Nutrition and Nourishment is NOT a one size fits y’all…… it’s actually very custom, very unique to your body, to your genetic make up and to your lifestyle. If this doesn’t give you permission to ditch the diet plans, shape magazine articles on top 5 foods for this and that— quit holding on to all of that BS. Make room for a shift in perception, space to love your body, and set an intention of how you want to feel rather than how you want to look on the outside– because we all know diets are NOT sustainable.


I was out and about the other day and I heard a conversation between two women and they were already discussing their New Years Resolution…. It made me sad. The reason it made me sad was because when we make resolutions it’s because there is something that needs to be fixed or changed. Those two beautiful women are perfect…. I chimed in towards the end of their conversation as I was leaving the store and just threw out a little comment “ What if you didn’t need a resolution because you know you won’t keep it– how about just setting an intention for your year see how that serves you….” They looked at me with this perplexed look, then I could see the light bulb go off as I was walking away. This experience right there that I just shared with you is why I created the Reset Retreat— a new way of moving into the new year. A new way of viewing your health, taking care of you so you can take care of everyone else that depends on you. A chance to reset, recharge, reconnect with who you are and what you have to offer. Reconnecting with ways to nourish your WHOLE self. I am so damn excited about this retreat I cannot stand it. Fresh homemade meals, yoga morning and night, in the North Georgia Moutains, Hiking, Massage, Fire, hot chocolate, learning how your body reallllly ticks and talks to you….. that’s just some of what is going to happen. If you want to learn more you can go here to check out more details and register. For a limited time, when you sign up and refer a friend- YOU get $100 off the price of the retreat. There are only a few spots left so if this sounds like something you want to be a part of, it’s MLK weekend, January 15th-19th 2016. I would loooooooove to have you there. To hold space for you. To allow your body to reset. To allow true nourishment to follow you through the whole year. You deserve to invest in your own health. You deserve to know what is going in your body. You deserve to feel empowered by your health. So please, do yourself a huge favor and ditch your diet!!!


10 Reasons why Diet’s Don’t work…..

  1. Diets are stressful on the body.
  2. Diets are not individualized.
  3. Diets are not sustainable.
  4. Diets are focused on weight, not wellness.
  5. Diets are focused on the numbers, not food.
  6. Diets keep you from living life.
  7. Diets are fast tracks to self sabotage.
  8. Diets ignore intuition.
  9. Diets disconnect.
  10. Diets rob the pleasure of eating, eating is made to be enjoyed….


10 Ways to Nourish Your WHOLE Self

  1. Get outside
  2. Move your body
  3. Connect with an old friend
  4. Read a really great book you’ve been wanting to make time for
  5. Put down your smartphone for at least 3 hours a day. [ You can do it, I know you can]
  6. Eat some chocolate
  7. Journal the crap out of your thoughts… create space.
  8. Go take that yoga class you’ve been saying you were going to go to.
  9. Turn the music up and get to dancing…. even if you are a man.
  10. Take time to be quiet, be still, each day. 5 minutes….. I dare you.

One last thing this month that I will leave you with…. I do this at every season change. Clean out what is no longer serving you. Go through each room in your house and create some space. Know that you can still hold onto the memories that are embedded in some of the items maybe you have been wanting to get rid of…. those memories will remain, but now you will have space to create more.
This is the same for your kitchen and pantry… clean out what is no longer good. What no longer feels good in your body. Create space for the nourishing foods of the fall. Did someone say pumpkin??? Just saying…..

If you are feeling stuck- shoot me an email. I would love to connect. This month I am creating space in my calendar to connect more with you all here. Deep listening is on the agdena for the fall in my corner!

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