Nourish and Flourish

Reset. Reveal. Revive.Thrive

True Nourishment

Discover Your Inner Body Wisdom

One Program, 3Levels, 3 Phases

This program is uniquely designed to fit YOU, to meet YOU where you are. Whether you are needing a complete overhaul of what you are nourshing your body with, or if you just need a gentle reset of your immune system. Little side note– your immune system is located in your gut and has EVERYTHING to do with what you are fueling it with. Food can either be the most powerful form of an anti-inflamatory or it can be the most powerful dis-sease creater out there.

I will help you uncover foods and stressors that are keeping you stuck. While at the same time,  help you move completely away from the diet mentality.

In short, Diet’s don’t work. Damage that dieting causes, the harm is real and continues with each diet that you embark on. There are biological and emotional damages that are done and go further every time that we diet. Dieting is a form of starvation. Our bodies combat starvation at the cellular level. Survival of the fattest. Those who had enough fat stores in the past were the only ones that would survive. Our bodies are still equipped in this way. Chronic dieting teaches the body to retain more fat when you start eating again. Low fat diets double the enzymes that make and store fat in the body. Biological compensation. Chronic dieting slows the weight loss with each attempt to lose weight. It is shown in rat and human studies that dieting decreases metabolism, lowers the body’s need for energy, which increases binges and cravings. Yo-yo dieters have a higher overall death rate and 2X the normal risk of dying from heart disease, thin or obese. The harm in yo yo dieting is equal to the harm of staying obese.

Stable weight is best. Listening and tapping into your inner body wisdom is the best health tool that you can cultivate.

This private program will help you to gain a new perspective on how you nourish your body. How to relax a little bit when it comes to nutrition. Yep, I said it, relax the superfoods, y’all. Don’t use nutrition as a dieting weapon, use it as an ally for health. Pay attention to how foods make you feel. Eat with less rigidity. Honor your taste buds and health.

Promote fast healing by finding the foods that cause inflammation and eliminate stimulating your body’s own healing process and free yourself of pain and unhealthy habits, and learn to master and navigate your new way of eating and fueling your body —new opportunities, new mind-sets, new ways of being, new and improved upbeat you!


What is Included: ** Subject to change based on YOU and what YOU need.


  • 2 Hour Blood Results Session
  • 12 hours of 1:1 coaching, 3 sessions monthly.
  • 2 Hour Completion Session.
  • Custom What Drives your Eating : Food/ Feeling Journal


    • MRT Food Sensitivity Test
    • Full Vitamin + Mineral Panel ( Spectracell)
    • Intestinal Permeability Test ( Leaky Gut) OR Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth
    • Customized Immunocalm Phase plan to go with test results


  • Unlimited Email in between sessions
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Food/ Medication Interaction Checks
  • Ebook of Recipes
  • Mailing of all materials including Kits, Booklets, Results.
  • Access of Lifestyle Reset Group program, Starting in September 2015.
  • Custom recorded meditations
  • Access to Pinterest Page of Recipes

Decided that this is the perspective that you need to stop the dieting cycle forever? 

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