[LRP] Week 9: Hunger vs. Fullness


Week 9: Hunger vs. Fullness

This week, I am invitining you to start to listen to your hunger cues a with a little bit more attention. This is the key to starting to let your body be your guide in your health. This week, there are reflection questions that I recommend doing every night, this will help you stay present with what you are trying to achieve. Also, there are three worksheets that are attached that you can use for your food log this week. It’s not so much about the food what what you are eating, but how you feel, how long it sustains you, are you satisfied. These are from my intuituve eating certification, I use them alot with my private clients and now I am sharing them with you. There are three of them, the first two are great to get you started and then the last one, is a chart with hunger, fullness and satiety numbers on there so you can keep track. Start with the first two, then use the third the last 4-6 days of the week.

Be sure to share what you notice in the facebook group, remember the more you share the more insight you get!

 Reflection Questions:

Week 9: Hunger vs. Fullness

[LRP] Wk 9_ReflectionHungerCues Click to download the PDF


  1. What have you observed that is going well?
  1. What does/ did pleasant hunger feel like in my body?
  1. What does unpleasant hunger feel like in my body?
  1. Are my meals sustaining me?
  1. Are my meals satisfying me?
  1. What does it feel like in my body to feel pleasantly full?
  1. What does it feel like to be unpleasantly full?

Ask Yourself These questions BEFORE a meal: You do not have to write them down, but I recommend doing so. You can do this on your food/feeling log, just make another column.

8.  How do I want to feel physically after I eat a meal or snack?

9. How long do I want this meal or snack to sustain me?

  1. When was the last time that I ate?
  1. Am I meal hungry?


Handout 1:Discovering Satiety-Sustaining.14

Handout 2:Fullness.Dissipation Activity.14

Handout 3:Hunger.Fulln.Satiety.journ-14