[LRP] Week 12: Validation of Your New Lifestyle



Week 12: Nourishment and Healthy Practices Compass

This week I want to focus, again, on using nourishment as a way of taking care of your self. It is about establishing a sense of wellness and balance from top to bottom, inside and out. I have found in my experience with clients and in my own life, that remembering to take care of yourself first is the key to living and staying healthy. As we wrap up the end of this program, I would love for you all to also create a healthy practices compass, you can write it in the space below, you can create your own with the layout on another piece of paper, vision board however you want to create it and keep it. This will serve as a place for you to check in with yourself when you need to. I’ve done this for myself and it’s a great check in, truth telling map if you will. Whenever you are feeling “off” or out of control with your own health and even life in general, it’s good to bring this out and really see if you are staying true to what you value as far as your health and wellness.