[LRP] Week 1: Creating Space


Welcome to Week One!

What is in store for you:

This week, as you begin this Lifestyle Reset journey, a few things need to happen in order to create space for new foods, thoughts and habits to enter into our space.

So, as you embark on the first week, a few things that I would love for you to keep in mind:

  • Be as open with yourself as possible.
  • Changing your lifestyle starts with a decision to move forward, to open your mind to a new perspective and love yourself all the way through.
  • Make a decision to let go gracefully of whatever you know about nutrition. This program is going to open you up to a radical shift in the way that you view your body and  how you nourish your body as well as your mind.

This week I have a bonus for you, on What is Functional Nutrition. This is the basis of which we will be jumping off from.

[LRP] What is Functional Nutrition



[LRp] Wk1_Creating Space_

For those of you who did the Food Sensitivity Test, here is an additional guide for you. [LRP] MRTPhase1 Program