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All of the information that we will be covering during our 13 weeks together will all be right here.

Schedule and Content

Every Sunday morning you will receive an email and link to the members area where your theme and practice for the week will be given. You will also receive Lifestyle Reset Program Guides, videos and tips for each week that you can download. There is also a private Facebook group that you can join here: Lifestyle Reset Program.

As if right now, there are no coaching calls, however, I am going to add in 2 Q&A calls, these will be TBA.
Here is a glance at the schedule and content: Click the date to download the PDF. 

[LRP]Welcome Video from Colleen McCarthy on Vimeo.

[LRP] Assessment_2015

Week 1: Creating space
Week 2: How are feeling/eating
Week 3: Become aware
Week 4: Managing messages
Week 5: Myth vs. fact
Week 6: Fat vs. Protein vs. carbs; Nutrition Metabolism 101
Week 7: Integration 
Week 8: Pity Party
Week 9: Hunger vs. Fullness
Week 10: Becoming Attune with your body
Week 11:Implementation
Week 12: Validation of Your New Lifestyle
Week 13: Manage and Maintain


Each week, content will be added to this page so that you can log in and have everything that you are working on right at your fingertips. It will be split up by week, so it will be easy to locate.  I would recommend downloading the Lifestyle Guides for each week and keeping them in a folder on your computer or you can print them out and keep them in a binder.  Keeping everything in 1 place is key.