Level 3: Start Here


Physical: Clearing the physical body from symptoms, pain, fungal growth

Mental: Uncovering and clearing old beliefs, behavior patterns to move forward

Integration: Weaving the two together, learn how to navigate your healing when you need it in the future. Become your own health guru.


  • 2 Hour Blood Results Session
  • 14 hours total of 1:1 coaching, 3 sessions monthly (includes 2 Hour Whole Body Replenish).
  • 2 Hour Completion Session [FULL PAY Bonus ONLY]
  • Custom What Drives your Eating : Food Anthropologist Journal and Unlimited Food Anthropologist Journal  checks throughout the program


  • MRT Food Sensitivity Test
  • Vitamin D Panel
  • Full Vitamin/ Mineral Panel
  • up to two additional tests if needed


  • Customized Immunocalm Phase plan to go with test results
  • Unlimited Email in between sessions
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Food/ Medication Interaction Checks
  • Ebook of Recipes
  • Access to Pinterest Page of Recipes
  • Mailing of all materials including Kits, Booklets, Results.
  • Access to any other group programs going on at the time. ( Runs 3 times a year)
  • Custom eating guide post MRT/LEAP Phase plan completion