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Memorial Day is approaching! I cannot believe that Summer is almost here! That being said, this is usually the kick off to summer-time cook outs and get togethers. This can be a very touchy subject for those who have food sensitivities or are trying to watch what they eat. Sometimes friends and loved ones are not so understanding of our new-found outlook on food and healthy eating habits, and these situations can prove challenging. Don’t stress about the picnic! Here are five ways to survive the holiday and be graceful while doing it!


1. Bring a dish or two of your own that is compatible with your eating habits. Not only is this a great opportunity to show off your amazing cooking skills, but this will allow you the comfort of knowing that you will have food specific to your dietary needs. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a convert out of the whole group! If this is a potluck dinner, that is great! Your can bring whatever your heart desires. However, if there are a few people responsible for providing the food, offer to take one of their dishes off their hands and make it for them. That way, you can make your own version of the dish and enjoy it right along with everyone else! For example, if you are gluten free, offer to make macaroni and cheese, and make it with gluten free noodles. Yum! .


2. Bring fresh fruit salad and fresh veggies: This is an easy one to share that mostly everyone will love. Having fruits and veggies with a yogurt dip and/or hummus dip is always a good option. Finger foods are incredibly popular at gatherings and are always an easy fix.


3. Eat something before you go: This one is key. Never, ever go to a cookout hungry! This is true especially if you are food sensitive. Rest assured, you will be tempted the minute you get there if your stomach is empty. I suggest eating a light snack of hummus and veggies or possibly crackers, etc. If you have a snack before you go and bring one or two dishes that you know you can have, there should be no room for temptation!


4. Bring your own Beverage: Most of the time cookouts are BYOB, however, if drinks will be provided, I still always bring my own beverages and keep them in my own cooler. This way I know that I will not get sick or feel guilty as a result of straying from my regime. The point is to enjoy the time with your family and friends. Bring enough for yourself, and always bring an extra beverage or two, because there is always someone that is curious as to what you are drinking! I suggest coconut water or a freshly squeezed juice for extra hydration while out in the sun.


5. How to respond when someone asks, “ Why are you on a diet?”, or “ Why are you not eating what everyone else is eating?” Chances are, everyone at the party is too busy enjoying themselves to be concerned with what you are eating, but sometimes we may feel uncomfortable due to our own insecurities surrounding food. If someone does notice and asks you about your eating habits, be prepared. This is a great opportunity to educate them on the benefits of following a healthy diet. You may be able to share your own story with them in hopes that it may help them or someone else who struggles with a healthy relationship with food. You can inform them that you are not on a diet, but instead have adopted a new lifestyle that includes conscientious decisions on what you put in your body. Feel free to share that you now choose to eat foods that make your body feel good and keep your immune system working like a well-oiled machine. Tell them about how great you feel as a result of your new lifestyle choices.  If they think you are weird or have a comment, let them comment, this has nothing to do with you. Keep it moving and keep your thoughts positive. If they want to learn more about why you are eating the way that you do, then you can let them in, if not, no big deal, just eat your food and have a great time!


Recipes for everyone to enjoy. These will definitely be a hit. Don’t be surprised if people are asking you how to make them!

Almond Butter, No Bake Energy BitesEnergybites

½ Cup dry whole oats

½ Cup ground or milled flax seed

1  Cup almond butter

½ Cup of carob chips or chocolate chips

⅔ Cup of toasted, flaked coconut

⅓ Cup of pure maple syrup

1  Tsp. pure vanilla extract

1  Tsp. chia seeds (optional)



1. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl.

2. Mix them all together by hand or with a spatula.

3. Form into balls or bars.

4. Place into cupcake liners for easy storage in an airtight container.

5. Store in the pantry for up to one week or in the freezer for up to two weeks.

6. Enjoy!!!!


Excellent source of: protein, fiber, calcium, omega-3’s


Something Special for your Juicer


Watermelon CoolerIMG_6019

(Available in my ebook, Drinks on me, available by visiting

3 Cups of Watermelon

8-10 Mint Leaves

½ a Lemon (Once juice is finished, squeeze half a lemon directly into the juice)

Note: Best with masticating juicer

Hangover Cure One

(Available in my ebook, Drinks on me, available by visiting


3 Carrots

1 Apple

1 Orange

1 Beet (without greens)

2 Swiss Chard Leaves

2 Large Kale Leaves

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