Clearing your body of chronic inflammation via REAL food super charges your intuitive abilities.

I guess I’ve always known this. I feel like I knew this as a child. Maybe that’s why my journey of cleaning up my eating habits (or my not eating habits) spanned 15 years. It took me from my later teenage years into my twenties. Getting to the root of symptoms of migraines, headaches, and constipation. A diagnosis of celiac disease. Clearing my physical body of chronic inflammation, pain, and dis-ease has been intense.

Now, my intuition is On Pointe… (pun intended).

Sure, you can eat a crappy diet, drink all the diet soda in the world, and completely ignore nourishing your body as you should and still have intuitive abilities. I did. Shit, I didn’t even eat and they were there, but I didn’t know that’s what that was. I thought it was anxiety.

When you reconnect with yourself, the way you nourish yourself on ALL levels- body, mind and soul, holy cow are the messages and abilities SUPER clear and SUPER easy to communicate. I always say I was forced to eat healthy after my celiac diagnosis in 2008, but the funny thing is, looking back, it was preparing me for this moment right now. This moment when my intuitive abilities have come in like a lion, a gentle one, but a lion at that.

Let me give you an example, so I am a medical intuitive, I feeeeeeel everything so intensely. I feel my own energy sure, at the same time, I can feel exactly what my clients feel. I sense and see a blockage of energy in the body, I also just know. I know where to start, I know what to do next. That has always been there. I always tended to push it away because through school and in my residency, I viewed that “ deep knowing” as coming off as arrogant.

But it wasn’t. I had a gift and I was freaked out by it AND I as NOT eating as my body wanted. I was chronically tired, chronically in a mental fog, chronically anxious and in OMG mode. There was NO way I could actually access what I needed to access. There was also no way of me figuring out which symptoms [I call them messages] were mine and which ones were coming in as someone elses….

Does this mean I eat bananas and drink green smoothies everyday… NO!!!! I love hamburgers, I love bacon, I LOVE brussels sprouts…. I eat REAL food y’all. I enjoy my food…. but that’s just it. I eat FOOD. Real Food. Not all these protein shakes, protein bars, packaged meals, and ingredients that my body has no f*cking clue what it is.

Side note: Did you know that if you cannot pronounce an ingredient or you have no idea WTF it is, guess what, your physical body doesn’t either.

SO guess what….. it holds onto that crap and your immune system then decides to spend alllllll its energy fighting this so called “ superfood ingredient or supplement” what is actually happening is you are shutting off your ability to receive clearly. Yes, you will still feel your intuition, but it won’t be clear at all. It creates more work for your mind, and when we create MORE work for ourselves, let’s face it, we become tired.

Looking back, having had all of these events happen to me (at least, that’s how I perceived it then) opened me up. Battling an eating disorder, constipation, struggling with migraines. Navigating the world with a new diagnosis of celiac disease BEFORE it was cool. And WAY before there were options on menus to eat out in public. Everything that happened in my life forced me to look at and change the way I nourished myself. And that has opened me up to receiving.

Now, what do I mean by clearing up your physical body and how you nourish yourself?

I mean pay attention to:

1.) What you are putting in your mouth. This doesn’t mean ignore the bag of M&M’s you eat telling yourself that it “doesn’t count.” The last time I checked it went in your mouth, there is NO such thing as empty calories…. I don’t even pay attention to calories— it’s more about how much energy is this food giving you?

2.) How what you are eating makes you feel. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Let me say this- We ALLLLLL emotionally eat. There is a time and a place for that. If you are constantly eating your emotions, are they actually yours?  I did this for a long time until I realized, holy shit, these aren’t even MY feelings. [more on this later]. So yea, if the food you are eating makes you feel crappy, guess what, it’s time to change.

3.) Being kind to yourself. Change is uncomfortable, in the beginning it can be hard. Please do not beat yourself up about having to change the way you eat, do it because YOU WANT TO. Do it because you want to take care of you and your body.

In a roundabout way, I had to change the way I nourished not only to take care of my own body, but to be able to help others heal as well. How powerful is that….. When i finally came to that realization, y’all I wanted to run…. Run so far away from the fact that I would be responsible for helping others on their journey…. but realllllllly that is f*ing awesome, to be able to give others the gift of healing….. I can’t even. I feel so grateful for all of my struggles, for the future struggles because I know that it’s all shaping me and what I have to offer the world.

4.) Your limitations. Reach out and ask for help! There is NO shame in asking for guidance. Let me tell you a little short story…. recently I got a new puppy, her name is Wynne, she’s super smart and she’s realllllllly teaching me a lot. I have two dogs now. My greyhound lab, Carlee is 7 years old. So, three bitches in one house… imagine that. Why did I do that to myself? I digress….

So, Wynne was  being really forceful during play time, would freak out when I put the collar on her among other things, I tried my best to channel the energy in a positive way, treats and all sorts of things, but when it came right down to it, I knew that I was the one that needed help. I needed to understand Wynne, her breed and what she needed and I knew I couldn’t do it myself. So I hired a trainer. I have no shame in that.

Something you should know about me, I am VERY strong willed and stubborn. So I have been working on asking for help (another way of being open to receiving, see what I did there) and opening myself up to this for the past 3 years. It’s changed my life, humbled and softened me. I’m grateful for that. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help, pay for help, whatever you need. DO IT.

5.) What freedom actually feels like. Know that there is so much power and freedom in discipline. I know that sounds sort of off, but for real. There is freedom in being disciplined about nourishing yourself before you help others nourish. Setting yourself up to have foods that your body loves available to you and not sabotaging yourself in the process is key. There is freedom in the discipline of only eating those nourishing foods. Of clearing your body, of doing your practices of opening up the physical body so that the energetic being and emotional being can open itself up.

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