1. Read the Healthy Winning Habits Ebook in it’s entirety BEFORE you start your reset.

This will help to shift your mindset and allow resistance and effort to be released and open you up to change.


  1. Pay Attention: WRITE IT DOWN!! You cannot keep it all in your head. Trust me, I’ve tried. It just makes it worse.

If you were at the seminar a week or so ago, you heard me talk about paying attention and tuning out to tune in? This is exactly what I mean by that. Pay attention to what is going in your body and how it’s making you feel on a continuous stretch of days.


Example: How do you feel on Friday after you have fueled for a week?


  1. One thing at a time!

Start with ONE part of your reset. Pick one starting point, foods, thoughts, OR habits. Hint- it’s easiest to start with your food.

You may find that your habits and thoughts will flow easier when you start to just take notice of your food and how you feel.


  1. Trust that everything is connected.

Writing down your foods is going to trigger some thoughts to arise, write those down. I recommend getting a notebook and having sections- 3 sections. One for foods, one for thoughts, one for habits. This way it’s easy to have everything in one place and when things pop up as you write your intake of food, you can add those thoughts and/or habits in each section.


  1. Give yourself some credit!

For real! This is a process that takes a lot of attention and diving into what’s really going on in your life.


  1. Understand that it’s more than just food, it’s a lifestyle shift.

When I work with clients privately, we always start with their thoughts about themselves and I dig deep to find out how their perspective is and what makes them to the things they do. Once that is understood, the dietary part of the lifestyle shift happens or organically (pun intended). That is why I say it’s not just about the food. Have you ever wondered why you have tried several times or maybe just twice to change the way you eat and lose weight and it just goes to shit? Re-read what is following number 6.

  1. You cannot exercise your way our of bad eating habits

I cannot say this loud enough!!! You CANNOT exercise your way out of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, IBS, Chronic Fatigue…. It just is not going to happen! You HAVE to pay attention to what you are fueling with and what the timing of your meals is. If you aren’t eating enough… or you can eating crap you need to be aware of that and stop making excuses.


  1. What you choose to ignore, only gets louder. So listen and act.

Have you ever noticed that when you ignore something and just want it to go away it gets louder and more of a pain in the ass than anything?! I sure do!!! When you ignore what you are putting in your body- it starts to scream at you. When you ignore the negative thoughts they start to get louder and more frequent, when you ignore habits they only get worse…. So pay attention damn it! Wake up and take care of that crap! Before it gets too loud that it totally over powers your life!



Seriously right now, take a deep breathe, and again. Chill out and allow things to be as they are. Try not to control them. Give yourself permission to work on yourself. Give yourself permission to do the work that you have always wanted to do. Allow yourself to receive ease. Why is it so easy for me to pay attention to my body? Go ahead, repeat that. And again… Create space for yourself with your breath. Everything comes down to your breath. When in doubt, when you are in a freak out, stressed out, I am pissed off moment, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to welcome ease. (It really works).


10.  Take time for you, for this, commit.

Commit to this process. If you start it, promise yourself you will complete it. A lot of people, myself included sometimes, don’t start things because they are afraid of the completion, so they just never start it. It’s sort od like a relationship be it a romantic relationship or friendship, some people just don’t want to open up and commit to new friends and relationships because they are already at the funeral…. They are already looking at the end and it’s too painful to feel so they just don’t start. Don’t let that happen. Completion should be a celebration- flip the perspective and get excited about all the amazing things that will shift so quickly and how much you are going to grow and learn. It’s NEVER too late.

 11. Don’t edit yourself

No one cares what you are putting into your mouth but you, so please do not change your eating habits the first phase of this reset. You simply cannot change until you pay attention.


 12. Let go and eat what feels good

Of course this doesn’t mean to eat up all the junk you can think of, just tap in and ask yourself before you go to eat, what is it that I am needing right now. Don’t get stuck on how much or how many calories, just eat until you are full. Enjoy your food. If you happen to have a crazy busy lifestyle and eat in the car as most of us do. Eat at the stop lights. Enjoy, pay attention to what you are putting in and how fast. Are you ignoring this whole process???


How to do 14 day Reset:

As I said above, it’s WAY more than just food.

This 14 day reset is going to reset your Foods, Thoughts and Habits.

This is NOT a cleanse. This is a lifestyle shift.


 Take 7 days and figure out your 10-10-10 (after reading the Ebook you will know exactly what I am talking about)

Take 7 more days and reset your 10-10-10 with healthier foods, thoughts, and habits.

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