No, we do not accept insurance at this time. Health is a pay now or pay later situation. You can pay now with your time and your effort and a little bit more money sometimes with supplements, or you can pay later with poor health. I’ve truly seen the consequences of paying later and the extremes it causes in all parts of life. Things like autoimmune disease turning into several, thyroid cancer or having an amputation because you have diabetes — it’s not a joke. This is happening all the time.

This is also virtual practice, and health insurance does not cover this form of consultation. Virtual is defined as telephone or Skype consultations, so typically these appointments are 100% out-of-pocket for the client.

Colleen can best help – those with migraines and chronic headaches, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Joint Pain, and autoimmune diseases. Often, when food triggers are removed and imbalanced supported, other conditions also improve – like weight management, skin conditions, insomnia/sleep quality, and energy/fatigue, hormones, etc.

Many patients find Colleen is the last resort, those that come to see Colleen are self-selected and they’ve often already done an elimination diet, or tired, they have had multiple medical testing— they’ve gone gluten-free and they’re on herbs, but they’re still sick and some of the typical stuff isn’t working for them…or they wish to avoid medications which won’t treat the root cause of their condition….or their provider just shrugs and says “you’re fine” and yet that little voice deep down inside says “no way am I fine”.

Others wish to prevent chronic disease and achieve optimal wellness. They understand that good health is the key to a full life and that everyday choices add up.

Colleen takes a very non-judgmental, intuitive yet highly scientific approach and I approach somebody with where they’re at today and what they’re ready for.

Sometimes, once we have healed our physical body, the mental and energetic bodies need some time to catch up or they themselves need a reset. If you are just needing and wanting support to integrate into Lifestyle shifts, guidance on your new way of being, and moving through the world you are in the right place. We do have packages for just coaching. Colleen is very intuitive and has worked with many clients with support in life transitions, job transitions, etc.

Colleen is also a coach for newly discovered intuitive souls. If you feel like you have a gift of being highly sensitive and intuitive, you probably already know this, but maybe it’s stressing you out and making you feel so alone. This is where we come in, Colleen was once that person and if it were not for the support and insight, mentors and healers that she worked with, I wouldn’t be able to tap into this part of my natural ability to help others heal. Please reach out or schedule an initial session so we can talk about what kind of support you are needing and what best fits your time.

Yes! All my patients are virtual patients! Visits are typically phone-based and/ or video conference based.

There are some real advantages to this approach: Savings Money and Time are two BIG reasons why I LOVE working virtually, another is being able to be of service to more than just those of you who are local to Atlanta.

  • You are not limited to your local practitioner who may not be skilled in a particular area.
  • You do not have to travel, saving time, gas, hotel, and eating out expenses. This is especially important for people who live in more remote areas.
  • Appointment times can be more flexible.
  • You can keep appointments even while traveling, one of the biggest risk times for ‘falling off the wagon and throwing in the towel” . Accountability is something I really believe in, and this way, I can be right there to help keep you on track!
  • If you move, you can continue your relationship.

If you’ve read through the website, you probably have a pretty good idea on whether or not you and Colleen are a good fit. Together, you’ll review your medical history and Colleen can answer any questions you may have. During the session, Colleen will also be able to tap into your energy and gather information from there.

You can read more about Colleen’s Medical Intuitive Abilities here.

You both must feel good about working together as a team in this process. Colleen needs to know that you are within her scope of practice and expertise and that you are in a place in life that you can invest in your healing. You’ll want to know that Colleen can and has helped others who have a similar condition. Because identifying and treating root causes is a long-term process, it is important that you both feel comfortable and that you feel that Colleen is ‘the one’ to help you transform your life.

You can read about past success stories here.

Colleen McCarthy RDN, LD, CLT,RYT is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Massage Therapist, LEAP Therapist, Yoga Teacher and a Medical Intuitive. She specializes and is an expert in all things GUT health, food sensitivities, eating disorders, autoimmune disease and other inflammatory conditions. She views the body is a whole, working with the energetic bodies and the physical body, rather than as two separate, mechanical system) to help align with your highest potential of optimal health.

Colleen’s educational and experience background includes massage therapy, & functional and integrative nutrition, bachelor of science in dietetics, specializing in food sensitivities and gut health. Education and Credentials: UNC Charlotte: Bachelor of Arts in Dance Performance, Atlanta School of Massage: Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue, Reflexology & Seated massage, Life University: Bachelor of Science in Dietetics Cum Laude. Continued Education and Certificates: Certified LEAP Therapist: Specializing in Food Sensitivities and Immune Function, Certified in Food Allergies, Certified Yoga Instructor. Colleen has been in the health field for over 12+ years now.

They are not. The first step is the Intuitive Health Reading and Initial Nutritional Consultation session. Just like if you were to take your car to the shop, an oil change costs less than a tune which costs less than a new engine.

If you are a good fit and you both choose each other in the Initial session, the next step is to pick a package that offers you what you need and this can only be discussed once that is established. Some patients have multiple health conditions and have been sick a long time. Others only battle one or two conditions and it’s not as time-intensive on Colleen’s part. Colleen can not help you in 2 or 3 sessions, because you didn’t get where you were in just a few weeks, so it will take time to unpack and heal, and if she is going to research your condition and make you your own treatment plan, then you need to follow up and be invested as well. Plan on a minimum of 3 months and for many it’s a longer process. It’s a commitment on both ends. This type of healing treatment isn’t about band aids or quick fixes and one of the things Colleen guarantees each patient is TIME.

The Intuitive Health Reading and Initial Nutrition Consultation are the first steps in becoming a patient. You can fill out the information and find a time that works for you on the Initial Session page.

If you’re ready to be the person you know yourself to be and feel the way you want to feel, apply for your Initial Assessment Session now!