Welcome! Thanks you stopping by and checking out my site. Bare with me as I am trying to catch myself up to all the social media aspects of starting a business! It has been a crazy two weeks for me starting from scratch and building a business and now almost ready to open my doors for business starting Sept. 3, 2012! I am so excited to start this new adventure so thanks for joining me!

So a little about me and how I decided to start this business. It’s been a long, but great 4 years of earning my degree going through and internship, meeting all sorts of people that I could never imagine I would have met and now I am jumping out on my own so here goes. All during my internship I thought I wanted to work in a hospital setting in the ICU doing tube feedings as I am such a nerd when it comes to the body and nutrition, but after job interviews and really thinking about it, I decided I needed to be in a more positive atmosphere. Since I started school to become a registered dietitian I have always wanted to have my own practice, but I always thought that was years down the road until one day I woke up and I had this feeling that I needed to start it now. So here we are, a week away from me opening my doors at a local Pilates studio here is Alpharetta/ Roswell in hopes to facilitate my clients in creating a healthy lifestyle and/or give them relief from different tummy problems which I am all to familiar with.  Having Celiac disease myself, I understand the pain of eating, digesting and going to the bathroom every 5 minutes, so I’m here to help!

Things I will share with you on this blog are recipes, tips on weight management, different things I read about in my spare time (which is limited right now, ha!) and really anything that you would like to know more about send me a message and I will gladly find something for you! In the next few weeks I will be posting more and more so bookmark my page and check out what’s new!

Thanks for stopping by! Here’s to getting healthy!

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