I am sure if you have read my blog before you have seen how much I love kale! Kale is definitely a super food filled with iron, fiber, vitamin C, among many other things. Check out my post about how super kale is, then you will want to make this super easy, healthy salad.

I went to Las Vegas last week for a little get away…I was going out there to visit my college roommate and her hubby whom are very good friends of mine still even though they live across the US. Turns out, I’ve been doing the LEAP program which has done wonders for my headaches, overall energy and many other things. If you have not heard about the LEAP MRT blood test for food sensitivities you should check out NOWLEAP and learn more. I am a certified LEAP Therapist and have seen AMAZING results with my patients. It’s amazing how fast your diet can improve your health.

Anyway, while I was in Las Vegas visiting friends, I also got the opportunity to share the stage with Andrea! We have not danced on the same stage in 7 years! We were performing in a local variety show that showcased local performers that work on other shows in Vegas. It was really cool to be able to meet the locals, hang out with them backstage and perform with them. It was super cool and the best part is that I was with my good friends whom I miss dearly.

Andrea’s husband, Jeremy who is also a former dance partner of mine,  an AMAZING set designer for a number of famous Broadway and comedy shows, and hes an AMAZING COOK! All week he worked with my dietary restrictions and made some fantastic meals. Let’s just say I did not have to worry about feeling bad while I was there.

The night of the show Jeremy made this salad and I feel in love. It’s now one of my favorite things to make at least once a week. It’s so versatile that you can add grilled chicken, grill salmon or any other fish.

So here it is… Check this out, its so quick and easy! Thanks a million to Andrea and Jeremy for making my trip to Vegas one to remember!


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