This week I was asked to participate in the  Reading Is FUN program @ Ralph Bunche Center (pre-K, head start program)  in Canton, GA and I wanted to share with you what fun I had with the kids! Reading is Fun is a program that is part of a number of schools around the US, the theme this month @ Ralph Bunche was Nutrition.

I was asked to read a book about eating healthy to the kids and we had a blast! I read the book: Fred the Fish and the Squash that goes Squish which is a GREAT book for kids ages 3 and up. It was about a fish that teaches his friends in the wild how good squash is for you and how many different kinds of squash there are. I made gluten free, dairy free pumpkin muffins (yes, pumpkin is a squash) for the kids to enjoy  and we read the book and talked about Nutrition. It was great for the kids, we really had a great time. I love working with kids they are so funny and they really tell you what is on their minds! They even teach me things sometimes!

Anyway- I just wanted to share with you what has been going on this week @ On Pointe Nutrition. My lovely intern and my awesome Mom were with me to help handle all of these kids! Check out some of these pictures of our time @ Reading Is FUN!


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