I have been talking about changes happening here at On Pointe Nutrition for quite a few months and I am ready toColleenMeditating (200x250) share what has transpired over the course of the last four months. After being in business for almost two years now, (wow it has flown by!), things have been constantly evolving to better suit the needs of my clients as so many wonderful people have expressed having needs for additional services that I could offer.

You may or may not have noticed the name on the Facebook page of On Pointe Nutrition has changed! It is nowColleenoncounter (167x250) and will remain Colleen McCarthy, RDN. This is due to a brand new fresh look and branding! As my practice has evolved, so have I. And so to better serve you, I am moving into lifestyle transition coaching, focused on nutrition and healthy lifestyles. I am definitely still offering my Fuel Your Body., Nourish Your Soul Programs for food sensitivity and gut healing as that is part of a lifestyle change. But I will also be offering my services for lifestyle coaching for those just starting to make the transition or even those who are immersed in it and just need a little bit of guidance and support. I mean who doesn’t need support?? SO the new look – it’s still me, just a more vibrant, full, energized version of On Pointe Nutrition.

If you have worked with me, then you have experienced, when you are wanting to change your lifestyle to become a healthier, fuller, more radiant version of yourself, it is a process, a journey, it takes time and dedication. Often times it’s not easy to do alone, it can be very overwhelming and it’s easy to give up if you aren’t careful. When I was going through this journey, I felt that it was so important for me to have someone to coach me through everything that was changing for the better in my life. I needed someone to point out things that I couldn’t see that were right in front of me and things that were happening FOR ME and not TO ME. At the time, I knew I needed my coach, and still do, she helps me so much to stay on track with my business and taking care of myself, #1. Which is the most important and loving thing you can do for yourself.

Colleeneatingkale (167x250)So all of that being said, I found that I REALLY love coaching my clients not only in ways they can increase their health via nutrition but also how they can become radiant versions of themselves and live their lives to the fullest, creating balance, peace and ease. It fills me up to help so many people create the lives that they have always dreamed of. So, I want to be your guide. I want to be your support system to keep you on track and to celebrate your milestones and successes with you!

I used to think, a coach, I don’t need a coach, I can do this by myself…. Boy was I wrong. I could have, that’s definitely true, but I wouldn’t have accomplished the things I have accomplished in my business and personal life if I did not have her. Things would have been a hell of a lot harder. I would have been frustrated, worn down, not healthy… but she was always there to bring me back. If you are not healthy, clear headed, and if you haven’t learned how to deal with the stresses of everyday life – it will get the best of you, you will continue to be stressed out, and spiraling downward. Eventually you will find your way out but what if you could have someone to help you along the way. Brings me to my last pointe (ha)…. It’s OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP.

I hope you can see by the pictures I have added some peace, joy, ease, AND fun, along with coming back to theColleenandclient (250x167) essence of ME to my life and business and I want to help you do the same for YOU! As such, my first offering as part of this new and exciting direction is a FREE Back to ME Now – 10 Days of Inspiration and Motivation, because rebranding a business is a lot like personal growth in you and in your personal life. You have to take a look at the whole picture – see what is working, what is not, and learn how to change it. So for 10 days there will be small action steps towards discovering a new you! There will be a private Facebook group for support and for meeting new people who are on the same journey as you. I will definitely be engaged in the group daily, so you will have access to a little bit of one on one coaching from me as well!

==>> Sign up for the Back to ME Now – 10 Days of Inspiration and Motivation, here: http://onpointenutrition.com/backtomenow/

Lastly, if we’re not already connected elsewhere on the web – let’s do it!
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