Well, there have been some things in the works for the past couple of weeks and I would like to share with everyone what has come about. On Pointe has a new face that has joined me in my journey of providing expert nutrition advice and counseling to those who have tummy issues, food allergies, etc. I am so excited to have her, she has  celiac as well, so it works out. I hope to have her around for a long time, she has already helped me out so much! I am really excited what the future will bring for the two of us. With that being said, she is still in college so we have decided to create her a blog that is attached to this one for all of those gluten intolerant/ celiac disease college students out there that would love some help with recipes that are conducive to a college lifestyle. We will be posting all kinds of recipes, videos and other cool things. Of course all of those things will be posted on On Pointe NUTRITION’s blog as well.

My lovely Intern also shares the same love for Music AND nutrition as I do. I am so excited about starting something with her for musicians on the road or in the recording studio. Can you imagine how much better their music would be if they were fueling their bodies with the correct foods to keep them in “tune” per say.

The college blog address is: http://onpointefoodies.wordpress.com

On Pointe Nutrition is also participating in The Roswell Health and Fitness Expo this weekend @ Sweet Apple Village in Roswell, GA. If you are in the area come check us out! There will be lots of things for the whole family to enjoy.

I want to leave you with a really great smoothie that I made this morning:

1 Beet, 1 Apple, bunch of Kale, Kiwi, Hemp protein, Flax oil, coconut water. It was delicious and of course really healthy!

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