A few of my favorite snacks

Lately I have been on the search for gluten free, soy free, dairy free foods that are pre- made with the least amount of ingredients for myself as well as my clients who have multiple food sensitivities and here is what I have found! These items are just a few of my new favorite things to snack on when I am on the go!

When I fist saw these lentil chips on the shelf at the health food store that I frequent I was a little weary of how they would taste. I was pleasantly impressed with not only their taste but their texture was nice and crunchy- perfect!

Pure Bliss brand is one of my favorite snacks that I pick up every time I go to that particular store. The company that makes these energy bites which are really delicious and made of dates, oats, sunflower seeds, etc. is based out of Marietta, GA which makes them taste that much sweeter. They are made right here in Atlanta! I think you are able to order them online as well.

I wanted to share those with you- maybe the health food store in your area may have some of these items? I know Whole Foods in the Atlanta and surrounding area carries Pure Bliss, I will check on the other ones!

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