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Content: I’ve been where you are

I’ve been where you are.

Dreading yet another visit with another doctor who might listen to you, or who might make you feel dismissed and crazy.

That feeling the day you start another “diet” and you think this might be the one. The one that actually makes a difference and brings you some relief.

Maybe you have been struggling with IBS, headaches or migraines, chronic fatigue, heartburn. Maybe you feel very limited in your dietary habits because you feel sick most of the time. Maybe your body is in a major health crisis.

It sucks to be suffering and feeling like no one is listening to you, but I can tell you that right now you are in the perfect place.

I’ve been there, felt unheard, crazy, lazy, not good enough. I’ve dealt with asking myself again and again, “What am I doing wrong?”

If you’re feeling like life is just “supposed” to be this way, guess again.

It is actually possible for you to feel heard, to feel amazing, to enjoy the shit out of your life….
Deeply listening is one of the very things that I LOVE to do with clients, it’s where all of the answers are.

I want to support you on your journey back to you. Back to health, life, love and enjoying nourishing your WHOLE self again.

Life gets easier and distance is NOT an issue. I work virtually with all of my clients, so if this resonates with you and you do not live in Georgia, read on…. we can absolutely work together!


You can heal your body, feel like your upbeat self again and live life with more energy in the present. I have made this seemingly long journey and what I learned about myself and my body is nothing short of miraculous. Now, I am even forever grateful for all of the struggles.

Please believe me when I tell you that you can make this amazing change in your life and health too, with a little effort and a whole lot of ease.

I promise that you’ll learn to reconnect to your body again, to understand how to hear clearly what it’s telling you it needs, and enjoy nourishing your body again.

I take on just a few private clients at a time so I can be there for you every step of the way. This journey starts with the physical body and ends with the resetting your inner workings of mind and emotions. Through all of that, you create lasting and sustaining shifts that no “diet” plan will do for you.


If you’re ready to feel amazing again and nourish your WHOLE BEING, apply for your Initial Assessment Session now!

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Content: Growing up in the arts

Growing up in the arts and dancing ballet from the age of 3, I always had to make sure I was eating properly and fueling my body to perform at a high level while still at a young age. I also felt everything on a very deep level, emotions, energy and situations. My intuition as a child was VERY present, to the point that it freaked me out so I started to shove it down. As I look back now, this was the start of my funky stomach.

As I hit age of 14-15, my body started to change even more and so did my stomach. It was hard for me to empty, if you know what I mean. It was hard for me to eat something before having to put on a smile because my insides were so mad at me. This went on for years, and as a dancer, it was complete hell. I danced with a professional ballet company while I was in college at UNCC.

Even though I loved dancing, but my health issues made it feel like hell.

Even though I loved dancing, my health issues made it feel like hell.

While I was very busy, and my body was starting to hit a threshold. I hid how I felt inside for a number of years, which now I see only made the issue worse. I suffered in silence, until I reached a level in my dancing where it started to affect my body on a daily basis. I was crying inside and couldn’t hide it anymore. I eventually just stopped eating because that was the only way I could “feel empty and ready to dance” and not have a constant stomach ache.


I took a year off from dancing, moved to Atlanta and started massage therapy school. It was there that I really discovered the connection between the body and the mind even more intensely than I had felt as a young child. I started to practice yoga and meditation.

I craved answers as to why I felt the way I did. There was never anything “medically” wrong with me up to that point, besides the years of telling GI doctors I couldn’t poop and them throwing pills in my face that ruled my life. It sucked. So, they kept telling me that there was “nothing medically wrong with me”….. Or so they thought.

I struggled with undiagnosed food sensitivities and autoimmune disease that caused me much physical pain and emotional heartache. I wasn’t able to dance, that was KILLING me inside. I had all of my symptoms: IBS, muscle stiffness, chronic sinus infections, constipation, anxiety, depression, and weight gain that were related to this and impacted my life on a daily basis.

Despite what doctors said, I was struggling with all my symptoms on a daily basis and I wanted to find a solution.

I thought it’s just the way I’m supposed to live but I was struggling with all my symptoms on a daily basis and I wanted to find a solution.

Not knowing what was wrong was incredibly frustrating. I felt extremely defeated and hopeless. Even though I was driven and knew what I wanted, I had no clue how to even attempt to “fix” this problem. Everyone thought I was crazy. I really thought this was just how I was supposed to live life…

At the age of 21, my body gave out. I felt helpless, frustrated, invisible and really, a little crazy.

After years of GI doctor visits, thousands of dollars and a hope and prayer to try the alternative way to health, through the diet, I finally went to see a functional nutritionist. I walked out with diagnosis of Celiac Disease piggy-backed with multiple food sensitivities. No wonder I felt like crap!

I was relieved to find that there was a solution to the constant turmoil that I had been facing, yet there was still SO much that I didn’t know!

I walked this journey alone, trying to figure out the gluten free lifestyle WAY before it was popular. It took lots of trial and error, sickness and finally, healing. I decided to go back to school for nutrition because I wanted to help others, like myself, with sound guidance on healing their gut and gaining their life back. I wanted to remove the frustration, trial and error and years of sickness that sometimes follow a disease.

At this point, my intuition hit an all time high. I had this deep inner knowing that freaked me out when I was in school, presenting on topics that no one, even my teachers had even thought about yet, like celiac disease, leaky gut, etc.

Page highlight: What can I say

What can I say, I’m a little bit of a geek when it comes to all things body, mind, and spirit.

I have been feeling amazing ever since. I feel so deeply on an energetic level, this was just the first step for me in healing and moving forward; forever armed with the proper, sound knowledge in nutrition to carry on enjoying every bit of my life.

All of these dietary and body love obstacles inspired me to start my own practice, and embrace my intuitive abilities. I now practice as a functional and integrative dietitian nutritionist, medical medium and spiritual life coach. I use nutrition, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and music to help others achieve optimal, whole body wellness and live a life they love again.

Content: Before even finishing

After years of suffering, I was finally on a path to healing.

After years of suffering, I was finally on a path to healing.

Before even finishing up my degree to become a dietitian, I realized there was WAY more to nutrition than what I learned in my traditional training because, well I was in the middle of healing my OWN body at the time from years of disordered eating, autoimmune disease and multiple food sensitivities.

Enticed by this realization, I was led down an exciting path of additional learning and discovery that transformed me, both personally and professionally.

I found that while I was still “learning” the foundation of nutrition science, there was a deep KNOWING that I had a lot to un-learn, and a lot to learn and experience in my own body to discover what actually is true about the body, the mind and the spirit when it comes nourishment and healing your WHOLE SELF.

It was a little frustrating to find out what I thought I knew might not be right (or the whole story), and that being open minded and always tuned into my own body could teach me more about nutrition, nourishment and wellness than any text book. However, the foundation is there and it’s layered….

I specialize in all things GUT health from food sensitivities, eating disorders and other inflammatory conditions to start. I am also a real catalyst for promoting a healthy outlook on life from every angle, body, mind spirit. Yoga was, and still is, a very large part of my healing. Yoga allows me to deeply connect with my body and my emotions.

I can guarantee that you probably have never worked with anyone like me before and that’s cool! I’ll be responsive, go the extra mile, create a safe space, listen to you fully and bring a feeling of ease to your soul while you allow your body to heal.

Quote: When you transform

When you transform limitation into liberation and suffering into strength, the extraordinary energy of life before overflows towards the life that’s been waiting to be reclaimed.

Content: One day at a time

One day at a time. One breath at a time. You will come back to YOU.

I tapped into my intuition and quickly recreated my life–from Professional Dancer, to Massage Therapist, to Registered Dietitian. Medical Medium and a 200hr. Certified Yoga Teacher. Encompassing all of my experiences to form a Fully Nourished Practice to serve others– is what my soul was calling for.

I love to dance, practice yoga, be outdoors, make yummy, healthy foods, listen to live music, make music, be creative, travel and be a student of life.

If you are ready to create shifts, reconnect with your body, your soul and take your power back in life, I’m here for you. I’m ready to be your guide.

  • If you are done suffering in silence and want to take back control of your body and life …
  • If you are done going to doctors appointments and finding out they can’t help you…
  • If you are ready to get back to your upbeat self again…
  • If you are ready to leave dieting behind once and for all
  • If you want to design a life of health and wellbeing…

If you are conscious, driven and done with suffering in silence, then consider me your nutrition guru soul sister. The best friend who’s been there — and there, and there — and who will never. EVER judge you, give up on your divine potential or try to put you into any box. Promise!

If you’re ready to be the person you know yourself to be and feel the way you want to feel, apply for your Initial Assessment Session now!


If you’re ready to be the person you know yourself to be and feel the way you want to feel, apply for your Initial Assessment Session now!

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