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Page Title: Private Program Overview


Content: It’s never just about food

It’s NEVER just about the food….. it’s so much more.

You are ready to try something different
You are ready to commit to the process of transformation from the inside out.
You are ready for your Mind, Body and Heart to be all on the same page.

I work with my clients anywhere from 3-6** months
Ultimately it takes the body minimum of 90 days to heal.

** You can’t do one without the other. Nourishing your whole self takes awareness and commitment to heal your whole self.

Please note that all of my programs are Virtual, so distance is not an issue!

This program is an intimate resetting of your inner and outer workings of your whole body. If you’re ready to make a real commitment to your own growth in all areas of your health and see how it affected every part of your life, this is how you learn to listen to your body, be in your body and really feel empowered in your well being.

We will start with an intuitive health reading of your physical body, then we will take a look at your birth chart in the area of health, wealth and love and uncover themes that you are ever present in your life based on all of those readings, functional lab testing will be completed next, MRT Food Sensitivity Test and a Comprehensive Vitamin and Lipid panel will be completed before we start messing with the diet.

I do not like to shoot in the dark, this way we have everything we need to know to get started then, 3-6 months of nutrition/ life coaching follows and is based on healing and clearing up what is there. The time frame is different for everyone.

Note that part of the physical healing may be clearing food sensitivities, bacteria overgrowth, autoimmune disease, etc. This is the first place healing will start…

Once we have you feeling physically amazing, then we will start to unpack the inner workings of our habits, self talk, self love, etc.

Quote: It’s about listening

It’s about listening, observing, and becoming the detective and start feeling like a new person again.

Content: There are four phases

There are FOUR phases that I will take you through, each phase will adjust in time to what your body is showing us.

What is included: Note, ALL of this is customized based on what YOU need. This is just a general outline of the baseline of what is included when we work together.

Note that I recommend clients to have ALL of the tests listed below run so that we know exactly the picture that we are starting from and can address ANY gaps. Not doing these tests we run the risk of missing a piece of the puzzle.

  • Physical and Soul Reading and Assessment of Symptoms and Blocks
  • Physical Clearing and Calming: Energetic Clearing
  • Physical Healing and Energetic Opening
  • Integration and Synergy of Body/ Mind/ Spirit
  • Maintenance- Energy Balance and Physical Alignment Teachings.
  • 2 Hour Blood Results Session
  • 1:1 coaching, 3 sessions monthly
  • Email support in between
  • Custom Food/ Feeling Journal: Photo journal and chat optional available for 24/7 support
  • MRT Food Sensitivity Test
  • Spectracell Vitamin Panel
  • Cardiac/ Lipid Panel
  • Hormone Panel
  • Customized Immunocalm Phase plan to go with test results
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Food/ Medication Interaction Checks
  • Ebook of Recipes
  • Mailing of all materials including Kits, Booklets, Results.
  • Access to Pinterest Page of Recipes
  • Access to ANY calls or webinars that are offered during your program time.

Ready to connect

Ready to connect?

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