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Content: You are a strong woman

You ARE a strong woman with a warrior inside, that just wants to feel good. You KNOW something has to change. Doctors cannot help you, you KNOW it has to come from within. Answers and direction is what you are craving. You’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated with all you KNOW deep inside and not being able to put it into action in your life is pissing you off.

I can help you with just that.

First things first… YOU know your body the best. Remember that. Trust that.

If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong or not right, you are in the right place!

I , too, had a deep sense of knowing that something greater was causing my:

  • Migraines
  • disordered eating and
  • a constant wonder if I would be able to poop day in and day out

… yep. I went there. And I was right, after months of digging, I finally found someone who could help me! I want to be that person, that support for YOU.

Physical ailments are often noticed when we are at the point of “Oh my stars, I cannot live like this anymore.” Often times, it’s a deeply layered issue.

We often forget that we have an emotional layer and spiritual layer underneath our physical body… and our physical health penetrates these areas as well.

Quote: You are ready to try

You are ready to try something different. You are ready to commit to the process of transformation from the inside out. You are ready for your Mind, Body and Heart to be all on the same page.

Content: We cannot heal

We cannot heal one without impacting the other. Our bodies combat all of these on a cellular level, leaving your body’s systems tangled up and beaten down.

It may look something like this…

You have been experiencing constipation and migraines for YEARSSSSSS now. You’re burning both ends of this candle. Your thoughts revolve around being weird, unlike everyone else, putting yourself down because you couldn’t hang, or poop or just feel good like everyone else around you…

That’s what it was like for me. I will tell you this— my constipation and migraines, YES they were 65% related to food, the other 35% were my thoughts, behaviors and views of myself….. yep.

I’m a highly sensitive person, as medical intuitive energy healer…

I’ve been feeling my ailments AND my clients… I used to view this as a curse, but now, the amazing things that I can offer you, Ah, makes me giddy…. so if you feel like you are broken, physically and mentally, broken in your soul, a little lost… let’s chat.

I am not your typical dietitian, as I have said above.

I am a healer, body worker, intuitive as well as a integrative dietitian.
You can read more about my special gifts here.

I view the body as a whole, therefore nourishing yourself is part of a much bigger picture. There is so much more to nourishing yourself than just through food.

Ready to connect

Ready to connect?

Schedule your Intuitive Health Reading and Initial Health Assessment Session

Content: I use my foundation

I use my foundation in the medical field and the intuitive abilities to help and guide you through the process of healing from the inside out.

Ways that my intuitive messages come to me:

These are the ways that I tap into the energy of my clients. It often starts before we even jump on the phone…. It’s powerful stuff.

  • Emotions – feeling or knowing the emotions of others, ie my clients.
    Physical body feelings – receiving information as sensations in the body, I literally FEEL your pain in my body.
  • “Just Knowing” — receiving information without knowing how it got there — you just know something. This is a BIG one.
  • Color- I see color in the physical body that leads me to where the root issue is.
    Sounds – usually in the “mind’s ear” but sometimes in actual, physical hearing. Those voices in your head, yeah, I have those sometimes…
How this session rolls:

We will start with an intuitive health reading of your physical body, then we will take a look at your birth chart in the area of health, wealth and love and uncover themes that you are ever present in your life based on all of those readings, functional lab testing will be completed next, MRT Food Sensitivity Test and a Comprehensive Vitamin and Lipid panel will be completed before we start messing with the diet.

I do not like to shoot in the dark, this way we have everything we need to know to get started then, 3-6 months of nutrition/ life coaching follows and is based on healing and clearing up what is there.

Your Investment


The price for this session is $150 for 90 minutes. If we decide we are a good fit to work together, then the price of this session will go towards your program price, so it will basically be free if we are a good fit!

Ready to get rolling in your transformation?