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It was so refreshing to speak to someone who actually listened to me and was confident she could help!

Kristi October 29, 2014

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The Real Truth About Your Gut Feelings…

Digestion and Emotions are directly linked. Everybody already knows this… but do you reallllly understand it? You know that sudden feeling when you are scared and you become instantly nauseous? You know that random bout of diarrhea before a job interview, big presentation, big test or a blind date? How about feeling like there’s a … Read more

Blog Post 2

Change, Mercury Retrograde, and Your Physical Body

As I work deeper and deeper into my own practice of connecting with my body and my mind, my ever present always working inquisitive nature has been chewing on some things. Lately, as I roll through expansion and growth in my personal life, my work with clients has deepened and has allowed me to connect … Read more

Meet Colleen


Colleen McCarthy RDN, LD, CLT, RYT is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Massage Therapist, LEAP Therapist, Yoga Teacher and a Medical Intuitive. I specialize in all things GUT health, food sensitivities, eating disorders, and other inflammatory conditions. I view the body as a whole, working with the energetic bodies and the physical body, rather than as two separate, mechanical systems) to help align with your highest potential of optimal health.

Resetting the physical body, then energetic, then integrating the two. This shifts the way energy is held in your body, removes blockages-things that keep you from experiencing joy, clarity, and a sense of being exactly where you need to be.

My background of schooling, education: UNC Charlotte: Bachelor of Arts in Dance Performance, Atlanta School of Massage: Life University: Bachelor of Science in Dietetics Cum Laude. Certified LEAP Therapist: Specializing in Food Sensitivities and Immune Function, Certified Yoga Instructor.

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